“To be recognized as a reference in the consolidation of Coquimbo as a tourist destination, through management with key actors and public-private strategic alliances, for the economic, social and cultural well-being of the inhabitants of the commune”.

Promote sustainable tourism in all its dimensions, through work with key actors of the private public sector, for the development of the commune of Coquimbo.

• Transparency: Given by the integrity in the actions of the members of the organization.
• Efficiency: Given by the correct use of available resources in the organization.
• Commitment: Given by permanent effort towards the achievement of the objectives.
• Teamwork: Given the ability to generate synergy, to face shared challenges and responsibilities.
• Innovation: Given the ability to identify opportunities and create new ways of doing things.
• Associativity: Given by the articulation of efforts and mobilization of support and resources for the achievement of objectives.

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