This tourist icon is located on the Castillo del Carmen hill, just in front of Pelícano Rock. Fuerte Coquimbo is a pioneer of its kind in the region. Many believe that this space sheltered pirates who lurked the coasts of Coquimbo. However, the place had special importance; since in the years 1865 and 1866 two smaller canons were installed by Carlos Joseph Lambert, as a defense against the war conflict with Spain.

It was expanded in 2006 thanks to funds from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning postulated by the City Hall of Coquimbo. Currently, the fort of Coquimbo has a W.H. Armstrong canon of 68 kilograms and 2 meters, weighing approximately 2000 kg. From its viewpoint you can enjoy a wonderful view of the bay.

Nowadays, it has a new enhancement through the improvement of facilities promoted by the Municipal Tourism Corporation, consisting of the reinforcement of facades, lighting, cleaning and security.

It can be visited from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The entrance is for free.


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