The main purpose of the Corporation will be the promotion of communal and productive development works related to and derived from the promotion, practice and diffusion of tourism in the commune of Coquimbo, through the creation, study, coordination, dissemination, development, support, training and execution of all kinds of initiatives and activities related to the various productive activities and community development that tourism implies.


You can also

a) Promote the professionalization of the communal tourism activity. Develop training, training, guidance, and information of tourism providers and the population of the commune, without prejudice that may be extended to the region, the rest of the country or internationally.

b) Collaborate with the Municipality of Coquimbo in fulfilling its functions related to training, employment promotion, productive development and tourism.

c) Promote the operation of the Communal Tourism Advisory Council, created in these Statutes.

d) To establish an up-to-date registry of the decrees, ordinances and laws of the State that are directly related to the communal, regional, national and international tourist activity, whose application and validity affect the tourist activity of the commune of Coquimbo.

e) Establish and encourage a linkage and exchange of tourism products and activities related to tourism with universities, professional institutes, and technical training centers that impart the tourism career at its various levels, at the community, regional, national and international levels; Any other natural or juridical person of public or private, national, foreign or international law that pursues all or some of the purposes of the Corporation.f) Provide technical advice regarding studies and research, to public or private institutions, Chilean or foreign.

g) Develop tourism projects that promote the identity of being a community with tourism projection Coquimbo.

h) Define the potential places for the realization of tourist promotions that allow to capture a greater number of visitors to the commune, as well as attract investments for the sector, both nationally and internationally.

i) Make publications by itself or jointly with other entities on general or monographic matters related to tourism.

j) Perform other functions of the object of this Corporation

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