Up to two tons of algae are collected daily in Coquimbo.

The Third Millennium Cross is the highest monument in Latin America, is located in Coquimbo and measures 93 meters high.

The port of Guayacán (Coquimbo) was the first place where copper began to be exported in Chile.

The work of plaster carving in the Mosque was carried out by nine artisans, one of them Chilean, in three months.

The nine bells of the Third Millennium Cross weigh more than 5 tons

Víctor Domingo Silva, who won the National Literature Prize, was born in Tongoy.

Lucila Godoy Alcayaga adopted her pseudonym Gabriela Mistral while she lived in Coquimbo.

Coquimbo’s fastest flaker, chipping up to 50 coats per minute.

Most of the swimming beaches in the region are located in Coquimbo. It has 56 kilometers (35 miles) of coastline.

The Church of Guayacán was built by a Belgian company and its structure was designed by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel.

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