Located in the heart of the Barrio Inglés (English Neighborhood), it gathers countless landmarks that mark the idiosyncrasy, culture, heritage and tourist legacy of Coquimbo. His first steps go back to 1893, installing in front of the port terminal a cast iron pool to beautify the sector, which was visited by passengers who arrived in the province of Coquimbo for a better economic welfare, whose work was donated by the philanthropist Juan José Jenkins.

Originally, the square was the courtyard of the Customs in which were deposited the merchandise and raw materials that were imported and exported mainly to England until the beginning of the 20th century.

In 1916 the local municipality commissioned Anselmo Caravantes, Navy Frigate Captain and Maritime Governor, the construction of a square in the sector, gestated thanks to contributions from neighbors.

The works were inaugurated on September 17, 1917, receiving the name of Benjamín Vicuña Mackenna, a prominent Chilean politician and historian.

Currently, “El Inmigrante Ingles” and “La Revolución Industrial” works, designed by the national sculptor, Hernán Puelma, stand out. In its limits you can still see old mansions that show the architectural evolution of European influence.

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